Four Tracks

by Keeton Coffman

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I wanted to give you all a chance to hear these songs in a state that I love - at their infancy. I also wanted to let some songs that probably won't make it to the studio be heard, in hopes that you can find yourself in them.

I write and post a song each week on Friday. These songs are stripped down to the bones, limited to only Four Tracks (for example - piano, guitar, vocals and a shaker) and recorded in an hour or so.

I hope you find yourself in these songs.

- Keeton


released February 24, 2016

All songs written, performed and recorded by Keeton Coffman



all rights reserved


Keeton Coffman Houston, Texas

Keeton Coffman | Songwriter | Houston TX

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Track Name: Tennessee Rose
Tennessee Rose, where do you wanna go?
I’ll take you if you want a ride
My truck’s got no AC but the breeze feels sweet
Through the windows darling, while we drive.

I don’t really know where I was going
Back before I saw your smile
You taste so sweet when you’re kissing me
Can I hold you a little too close, Tennessee Rose

You can spend all my money at the carnival honey
It’ll only take a couple hours
We can have a couple kids, figure out what life is
Take the sweet in with the sour

You’re pouring rain on a summer’s day
windows open, scattered showers
You taste so sweet when you’re kissing me
Can I hold you a little too close, Tennessee Rose

Hill country sunset pouring colors out on the sky
Let’s drink them in before the night kisses them goodbye
The road beneath you don’t always lead you where you thought you’d go
But here we are, Tennessee Rose
Track Name: Bad News
It’s having coffee at the sunrise, before you open up your eyes
No need to try and keep the door locked, it’s waiting in the mailbox
Take a look down the road, it’s that old friend that we know.
I think it’s best we should go, forget your coat, no matter… here he comes love.

Bad news, coming to find you. Coming find you…
Don’t even have to leave your house honey.
Bad news, coming to find you. Coming to find you, where you are.

Here comes the night.

Write a long, long letter back home.
Tell em that you’re alright, tell em you’re alright but you know
That you’re never, ever gonna be the same
This ain’t no make-believe, honey this ain’t no game
You’re bruised and you’re broken, baby you need repair
But I need to be honest; You need to beware of this…

Bad news, coming to find you. Coming find you…
Don’t even have to leave your house honey.
Bad news, coming to find you. Coming to find you, where you are.

We could stay home honey, and board up the doors
Drink so much that we can’t help but ignore
All the noise outside, and the robbers up the road
I ain’t got no solution, and you ain’t got control

Maybe we finally look each other deep in the eye
Admit this situation ain’t that much of a surprise
We’re helpless here honey, and deep in the pain
need a little shelter here in the rain… from this bad news
Track Name: Here Comes Caroline

This Texas sun setting slow today
My worn out bones and my fading grays
evidence of weighty cares
but here comes Caroline, with sunshine in her hair

These boots are worn in a daily fray
I fear tomorrow that I’ll give way
to dreams I’m chasing, unrealized
but here comes Caroline, with sunshine in her eyes

And she moves like you’ve never known
like a ghost in a ray of gold
she’s hope, she’s a crashing wave
she moves the trees on a summer day

I’ve held her life in my two hands
now her hand in mine, and I’m a better man
out on the ocean, without a flare
but here comes Caroline, with sunshine in her hair

Here comes Caroline, with sunshine in her hair
Track Name: Make It Look Easy
Kiss me in the morning with your coffee breath
Run that AC till I freeze to death
Your jambalaya's like fire on my tongue...but I'm going back for seconds
When this bowl's done

It must hard on you
Making me fall like you do
It must hard on you
But you make it look it
You make it look easy,
Make it look easy, yes you do

Lately you been throwing away my favorite shirts
And every Sunday dragging my ass to church
Somehow baby I never see to mind
When it comes to hearts, you're the thieving kind

you keep on messing it up as we go along…
this little bit of loneliness I been working on.

Let's let the laundry try to fold itself
Little dust never hurt nobody, leave it on the shelf
House looks like hell honey, that's easy to see
But it feels like heaven here, when you're home with me
Track Name: The Cliffs Ahead, The Path Below

Dust like yellow gold covers my feet
Long and winding road, the path underneath
These green mountains, heard about em as a boy
So close i can almost touch them… almost touch them

Climbing higher, the path way nears the face
Whispering Ghost calls me another way
Down into the valley, green hills on either side
The mountain now behind me, disappearing behind me

“This path you put me on leads me here today
Why bring me here, just to then lead me away?
What good is the fire, if the flames don't climb?”

The Voice says "not this time"

"Sit here soldier, rest your weary feet" it says.
"Nightfall coming; best to make your bed.
Tomorrow’s journey now is not today's concern.
Until the morning comes, sit here and watch this fire burn."

Dancing flames moved high in this forrest dark
Unyielding and untamed, their hungry spirit sparks
How these crackles hypnotize my weary mind to hear

“You, I know why you are here.
Is the fire inside born of virtue or of fear?
You, and I we are one and the same.
And it’s the Fire Maker, who gives both of us our names.”

Morning shakes me, cool and calm, a promise calls.
The cliffs once overwhelming, in the distance seem so small
Though I hoped I’d have the chance to climb
The path below leads me away… This time.